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Why Aguascalientes?

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Why Aguascalientes? Although the question may have been: Why invest in Aguascalientes? Or why live in Aguascalientes? Or even Why visit Aguascalientes? We believe that the best option to cover the whole topic of interest of this article is: Why Aguascalientes?


At all. Not only is it a thriving, competitive and diversified state, with an open, austere and honest government, but it is also educated, integrated and equitable, responsible, sustainable and clean, as well as law abiding, safe and free. Just to mention some of the strategic axes that have driven the State of Aguascalientes to the following results:


 The World Bank recognized the State of Aguascalientes as #1 in “Doing Business in Mexico” (2016), reflected in a 4.6% of Average Annual Growth (INEGI, 2010-2019), and ranked # 6 at Productivity in Mexico ( "Mexico, how are we going Org", 2019), and at the 4th place both, at the "Most Competitive State", and at "Innovation in Economic Sectors" (IMCO 2018). These facts have contributed to our industry being strengthened by the countries that have placed their confidence in our State, its economy, and its potential. Representing 12.8% of the total foreign direct investment, the German investment brings new and avant-garde technologies, and the Japanese investment with 54.4% brings new and numerous jobs, as well as the US investment with 21.9% and the Spanish investment with 3.8 %.


Taking these countries just as an example of the international actors that have given the go-ahead to our industry and our Ecosystem to create and grow businesses, we can say that Aguascalientes is a productive and proactive State. Likewise, it seeks to diversify its economy in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, electricity, water and gas, Transportation, and commerce, among others.


So, if what you are looking for is a place with a strong economy, with industry readiness, the correct and avant-garde infrastructure, great competitive advantages of location and logistics, as well as qualified and talented personnel, plus a great place to live, these are the steps to invest in Aguascalientes:


By: Economic Development Minister of Aguascalientes

ReNeuvo Group and The Birth of A Green Industry in Aguascalientes

On an international scene of complex conditions for economic development, Aguascalientes continues to be one of the most attractive states to invest in. Numbers verify this fact: as at the end of the first quarter of 2020, a total of USD $3.452 billion of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) had been accounted for, an amount that exceeds by 18.6 percent what was generated by the previous administration.

According to official information, from January to June this year, an investment of USD $227 million was received mainly from the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This is the consequence of economic promotion and diversification efforts made by the State Government on a permanent basis which have drawn the attention of many companies overseas.

Specialized labor, a dual education system, the highest number of research centers per capita in the country, the connectivity offered by the two main railroad lines, public safety, and the quality of life were some of the strengths that ReNeuvo Group saw in Aguascalientes to start an industry and inject between 50 and 60 million dollars into it.

The state was chosen over Querétaro, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, and Guanajuato to receive the investment that will create 500 jobs in the medium term. “After evaluating and analyzing the five potential states where we would establish our operation in Mexico, we concluded Aguascalientes offers the best combination of manufacturing infrastructure, a market driven by the export of products of the highest quality, highly qualified labor, and the industrial foundations that this project demands,” said Jose M. González, President of ReNeuvo Group.

In early September, after several months of nonstop work, the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC) publicly announced the creation of a new industrial park that will provide services to Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers of the automotive, aerospace, and agribusiness industries.


“Long before the coronavirus arrived, we established communication with the Mexican Embassy. We held many meetings with representatives of various states of the country and after several months of hard work and complications brought about by the health crisis, we were able to make headway with this project. We are very excited to be in Aguascalientes because, ever since day one, the Government offered us close guidance and helped us meet our needs. This is one of the reasons we are here,” mentioned González.

ReNeuvo Group is an Ontario-based company, founded in 2010, whose core business consists in generating industrial-grade plastic products from reused rubber and other waste products using advanced technologies and eco-friendly processes. Its commitment to the environment is such, that it has been acknowledged as one of the first global organizations to run a 100 percent paperless operation.

The Development of a Green Industry in Aguascalientes

Today’s linear production, which began during the first industrial revolution, has become unsustainable. The World Bank warned that if things remain the same in terms of population growth and consumption, by 2050 we will need three planet Earths to survive.


Many large economies have started to follow a Circular Production Model that demands the use of materials of a product from its creation to its disposal, reutilization and reintegration into a new circuit to close the cycle. No industry is exempt from modifying its processes.

Within the next ten years, the automotive industry will experience a deep transformation. Carmakers will be entirely different from what they are today. Technology will lead this change to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s society. ReNeuvo is a company that has managed to anticipate this paradigm shift and has succeeded in developing a product made of 100% reprocessed, recycled tire rubber crumb and post-industrial plastic. It has become a major supplier of components to different sectors like the auto industry, which is the most important consumer of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). XyloX is the name of thermoplastics created at a molecular level using a patented, innovative formula that gives the final product certain advantages over virgin plastic such as the cost of production, resistance, and malleability. A product that will soon be manufactured in Aguascalientes.

“Almost 65 percent of recycled PET produced in Mexico is sent to China, where it is transformed and sent back as synthetic fibers. Why not produce it in Mexico? We want to collaborate with existing suppliers in Aguascalientes and in other states. From the moment we submitted the press release of September 4th, we have received a number of offers and proposals. So, as soon as we receive the State Government’s proposals we will conclude the valuation and make a final decision to continue working with the Government of Aguascalientes in this great project,” said González. Nine Plants to Trigger a New Industrial Era in Aguascalientes.

The project considers the creation of a new industrial development, the ReNeuvo Canadian Industrial Park. Thanks to the conditions offered by state authorities, the park will be completed in three years at the most. The site will accommodate nine plants in a first stage, and the number could grow to reach twenty in a second one. There will be a plant owning and administering the park, a rubber processing plant, a XyloX manufacturing plant, and even a research & development center. The firm’s president explains that once these plants have been established, they will have a capacity to process around 24 million tires and as much as 54 thousand tons of recycled plastic every year with modern, highly secured technology that gives priority to sustainability.

This project will offer both the state and the country many advantages, from the hundreds of direct and indirect, high-quality jobs to be created for the construction and operation of the facilities, to the professionalization of workers in alliance with local and national universities.

Nevertheless, beyond economic benefits, the project will achieve environmental success that will allow us to put ourselves on a par with the most developed economies. “At first we were thinking about establishing only a few companies in an existing industrial park. However, we soon realized that this approach was expensive and decided to commit ourselves to the creation of our own park. We understood, too, that, with this infrastructure, it makes sense to attract other Canadian companies to establish their operations in Mexico, said company President, José M. González.

A Megaproject No Pandemic Can Stop

The covid-19 pandemic affected global supply chains in a way that had not been seen in a long time. For ReNeuvo, the health crisis made it impossible to hold very important in-person meetings in Aguascalientes.


This became a good time to turn the problem into an opportunity to plan strategies to face the virus that has challenged world economies. “In business and social contexts we are going through harsh times. We had plans to be in Mexico in March and we were forced to call them off. Instead, we had to hold videoconferences with state representatives and, in spite of the distance, we were able to materialize the investment. It is a clear demonstration of our adaptive capacity and our commitment to Aguascalientes,” concluded González.

Facts: The auto industry will undergo a profound transformation: The car of 2025 will be green, convenient, safe and affordable.


It would make sense to attract other Canadian Companies to establish their operations in Mexico by locating their operation in the park. We have 5 companies interested in the “ReNeuvo Canadian Industrial Park”

Companies to be incorporated: a management company, a company owning and administering the park, XyloX Product Manufacturing, Certified Rubber Crumb Manufacturing, Reprocessed Plastic Manufacturing, Reprocessed Agricultural Recycled Plastics Manufacturing, Reprocessed Medical Recycled Plastics Manufacturing, Research and Development company.

Land purchasing and commissioning of these plants will be between USD $45,000,000 and $50,000,000.


Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-07 a la(s) 2

By: Melisa Olivares

Major Investors Give Their Opinion on Aguascalientes

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a mainstay of growth in societies. It generates positive effects in different sectors, it creates jobs, increases foreign currency revenue, raises competitiveness, promotes new technology transfer, and even drives the exports of a state or nation.

Investors have kept their confidence in Aguascalientes and its economy thanks to the presence of several companies—mainly from the auto industry—that, for more than two decades, have helped consolidate their expansion.

Despite the present global uncertainty regarding the future of some economies, the situation in Aguascalientes is different as successful business agreements have been reached in the last four years, which currently add up to the US$3.43 billion Foreign Direct Investment.

What makes Aguascalientes an attractive place for large companies?

Aguascalientes has been recognized as a very accessible city for those who want to do business. This has even been acknowledged by the World Bank, institution that ranked Aguascalientes as “the best city to do business” in its 2016 Doing Business Report.

Moreover, Aguascalientes has been classified as one of the safest states in the country.

These are the opinions of five large companies that pledged their commitment to Aguascalientes.


Capgemini is a multicultural firm that currently employs 270 thousand people across the globe. It was founded in 1967 and began operations in Mexico over 20 years ago.

Capgemini has been in Aguascalientes since 2012. “One of the main benefits of working in Aguascalientes is that it offers what larger cities can offer, like positive conditions for our staff. We have found here the talent required to work with our customers,” said Roberto Francisco Alvarez, head of the Capgemini Delivery Center in Aguascalientes.

The coat of arms of Aguascalientes validates what we see on a daily basis, a place of good people who work hard and are willing to face challenges.

“We have achieved a very positive impact on the society of Aguascalientes. In 2012, there were only 20 people working here and, eight years later, Capgemini opened its Delivery Center located in the north end of the city, which resulted in the creation of 300 new jobs. Today, we employ 500 people and we have developed a skill set that combines quality, efficiency, talent and collaboration to deliver projects to our customers,” commented Alvarez.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-01 a la(s) 1


“After extensive research, one of the main reasons we decided to establish the manufacturing plant here was the geographical location of Aguascalientes, in central Mexico. Furthermore, Aguascalientes has a qualified workforce and, thanks to other business partners who have already established their operations in the state, we have gained great advantage to build strong relationships with other states,” said Jorge Marín, General Director of Mahindra.

Mahindra began manufacturing its products in 2017, and by early 2020 the firm had reached a national market share of 6 percent in tractor sales. One of its best sellers, the Mahindra 6060, represents a market share of 47 percent.

“The metalworking industry is very important to us. Mahindra was looking for a partner to produce tools, and Aguascalientes is a state where 40 percent of the people is devoted to their production. However, their vision for the future is to start producing and selling their own tools.

Another advantage I find in the state is its adaptive capacity and its people’s ability to do tasks that differ from those pertaining to the automotive industry. People’s readiness is great, too… the state motto is perfectly applied,” said Marín.

Triple Helix Projects

Mahindra launched a project with with Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Aguascalientes (Technological University of Northern Aguascalientes). “We signed an agreement and donated equipment so that young students can use it in their laboratory. The university, in return, has helped us attract students to the plant, where they can do their social service. They have also provided the space for our distributors to work and take training courses using Mahindra Equipment”, concluded Marín.

Cooper Standard

Not only has the state’s infrastructure helped position Cooper Standard as a strategic plant for investors, customers, and corporate offices, but it has committed itself, along with its people, to achieving all the objectives they have set their minds to. Cooper Standard has obtained outstanding results in the twenty years the company has been in Aguascalientes. Apart from the extensive capacities of the state’s human capital, Cooper Standard’s representatives explain that Aguascalientes has a number of benefits which were key for establishing their operations here: the geographical location, infrastructure, and the strong bond with their automotive customers played a major role. “Aguascalientes stands out for its perfect location and well-planned road connections. It’s one of the most important regions in the country,” explained Rogelio Silva, Plant Manager of Cooper Standard. Thanks to the relationship between government, industry and academia—which has promoted talent development and helped to attract more investment through the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC)—Cooper Standard intends to continue growing stronger alongside other strategic partners as well. Vantec The company was founded on September 29, 2008, to offer all kinds of logistic services to customers, tending mainly to those in the auto industry. The headquarters and six warehouses are located in Aguascalientes. The company has branch offices in Irapuato, Silao, Guadalajara, Manzanillo, Monterrey, and Mexico City, and three more warehouses in Cuernavaca, Irapuato, and Monterrey.

“One of the main benefits of having operations in Aguascalientes is that the state is located in Central Mexico, which grants us easy access to other cities. There is also a great number of automotive suppliers and carmakers, and an equally large number of industrial parks with excellent infrastructure and competitive prices,” said Hideki Tsukiori, President of Vantec Logistics Mexico

Furthermore, Tsukiori mentioned that family is one of the pillars of Vantec, and the security in Aguascalientes is a great promotor of peace. There is another aspect that is important to them, the state’s wide offer of both Japanese and international schools.

Better allies are necessary when interacting in a highly demanding industry such as the automotive. This is the case of Vantec, a firm that has offered logistic services to major companies in Aguascalientes since 2015. Some of its larger customers are part of the already mentioned automotive and technology industries.

“Our parent office in Japan is equipped with a research and development center to develop new logistics technologies. We would like to introduce this technology in our operations to improve the quality of our services and encourage a safe work environment,” concluded Tsukiori.

By: Melisa Olivares

La importancia de adecuar el producto al mercado internacional

Para emprendedores y empresarios, optar por un cambio drástico sobre la imagen de su marca y/o producto, es una situación que toma tiempo, pero sobre todo decisión y respaldo por quienes hacemos parte del proceso. El camino hacia la internacionalización, supone muchos puntos claves a tener en cuenta, y ajustarse al mercado objetivo, es sin duda, un momento crucial en donde se debe analizar, si el producto está en una etapa acertada o no, para realizar la adecuación que se requiere.


Considerar la modificación del empaque del producto como una medida necesaria para ampliar el alcance o área de negocio, es fundamental para establecer la estrategia a aplicarse en el nuevo mercado. No obstante, hay valores detrás de la marca, que pueden facilitar e impulsar el proceso de adecuación del producto, al mercado nacional e internacional.

A continuación, te presentamos algunos puntos a tener en cuenta:

1. Tener claro el modelo de negocio y propuesta de valor de la empresa

2. Evaluar la competencia global del producto o servicio

3. Realiza un análisis del consumidor y sobre su comportamiento de compra

4. Identifica su canal de distribución. ¿Se venderá por canales online o físico?, retail, mayor o institucional?

Debemos tener en cuenta que, si queremos estar preparados para tener éxito en un nuevo país, tenemos que dedicarnos a explorar el territorio, aprender el idioma, conocer sus costumbres, abrazar la cultura que nos abre sus puertas y dejar que nuestra calidad, sea la que comunique cuál es nuestro origen.

Por: Catalina González 

Conectora internacional

Aguascalientes in Numbers

The following data demonstrate our state’s resilience and drive notwithstanding the challenges and setbacks confronted: The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) ranks Aguascalientes as the state with the best economic development as it registered a 5% GDP average between 2010 and 2019.

The new C5-Sitec intelligence agency will guarantee the security of citizens with its 3,600 intelligent devices spread across 11 municipalities. Foreign Direct Investment totaled USD$3.43 billion between 2017 and the first quarter of 2020.

Manufacturing exports reported by INEGI added up to almost USD$11.76 billion, a figure that places Aguascalientes in the third position nationwide. 36,507 new jobs have been created and registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which works out to 321,750 insured workers in the state.

The Funding System of Aguascalientes (SIFIA) has offered $1.04 million in direct loans and grants to 5,216 micro, small, and medium sized companies. This has contributed to the creation of 6,000 new jobs and the retention of another 13,290.

A $220 million investment was made to support 1,022 production projects of entrepreneurs and business owners. 64% of subsidies by the ProMiPyme program were allotted to women business owners.

Agricultural activities cannot be put on hold, so the Primary Sector was the only sector to experience growth during the first months of 2020

The state budget assigned to agriculture set a new record, with a total $170 million distributed in 28 support programs aimed at adding value to local food, yielding better crops, producing higher quality bovine and livestock products, and modernizing processes.

In the field of productive reconversion, Aguascalientes is using 1,560 hectares for the reconversion of produce like cranberry, strawberry, grape, fig, walnut, pomegranate, olive, asparagus, avocado, and lime. 12 of the foods produced in the state appear in the national top ten.

The present administration has invested $93.83 million in the National San Marcos Fair over the last 4 years, generating a revenue of $24.75 billion and attracting 23,830,187 visitors and tourists.

The Calaveras Cultural Fest celebrated its 25 th anniversary in 2019, with a $7.15 million investment and an influx of 1,427,309 visitors and tourists. The Wine Trail favored 17,184 people. A $7.65 million was made for the event to generate revenues for $16.79 million.

The National Museum of Magic Towns (MUNPUMA) preserves and promotes the traditions of 121 Magic Towns across the country. It has received 136,690 visitors so far.

A total of 290 training courses have been offered to benefit mainly 11,249 tourist service providers.

By promoting Magic Towns, a total of 4,305,769 tourists have visited the 3 Magic Towns in our state, generating incomes for $1,568 million. Aguascalientes has received a total of 30,539,354 visitors, who have yielded an economic revenue of $34.6 billion in the present administration.

A Driving Economy From Business Owners’ Point of View

Over the years, Aguascalientes—one of the smallest states in the country—has managed to provide all of its residents with highly satisfactory living conditions. One of the most important economic observatories (México, ¿Cómo Vamos?) ranks the state third in the Social Progress Index with 71.1 points, just two points below Nuevo León (73.8) and Querétaro (73). A national third place comes as no surprise as this tendency has been constant all year round and has generated a sense of pride and confidence in the people of Aguascalientes.

These feelings guarantee a strong social policy to confront the effects of the coronavirus pandemic because, according to data from Citibanamex, our state will have an economic recovery rate of 5.9% in 2021, ranking it first among the states that make up the CentroBajío-Occidente Alliance and sixth nationwide.

How has Aguascalientes obtained these figures? In the present administration, the combined work of the Departments that make up the State’s Economic Axis (Rural Development and Agribusiness, Economic Development, and Tourism) has resulted in synergies between local business owners and educational institutions that have proven paramount to this achievement

Antonio Delgado, President of the Association Cattle Raisers from the Livestock Registry

“Working hand in hand with the government has made things really comfortable for us. We teamed up so that these programs would continue to work despite our inability to work the way we used to. Cattle raisers expos were one of the many activities proposed to boost the sector and contribute to the development of local producers”.

Luis Gerardo Pérez, from Granja Liliana

“Producers have always been industrialists. Not only are we the primary sector of the economy, but we also work hard to develop value-added products for consumers to take to their tables”.

Rubén Acuña, from Granja El Trece de los Acuña

“Aguascalientes’ agricultural sector has remained strong, with a deep belief in continuous growth thanks to the unconditional support from the state government and from the professionalization of our sector through the addition of new generations of producers”.

Gerardo Palomo, sheep and goat breeder.

“In recent years, the state has experienced a recovery in the national market. We expect to import sheep and goat embryos from Australia in the not-distant future. The project will open a range of possibilities in genetics not only for Aguascalientes, but for the entire country”.

Roberto Díaz Ruiz, State President of the National Chamber of Freight Transport (CANACAR)

“The infrastructure that has been built in Aguascalientes during the past four years has been planned with a forward-looking approach that aims at improving the quality of life of families while keeping a sustainable economic development”.

Manuel Rubio, Commercial Manager at O-TEK

“At our company, the only people who were not born in this state are the general director and I. Everybody else is from Aguascalientes. We bring many people from the surrounding towns to work here. They have proven to be highly qualified people”.

Mauricio Duarte Rodríguez, Regional Director of Grupo Financiero Banorte

“We have become empowered in the region as Aguascalientes’ economy is one of the strongest in the country. The state’s growth indicator sits above the national average while tolerating an interesting inflationary level”.

Alejandro Rojas, Director of the Aguascalientes International Airport

“Despite present circumstances, we have experienced a steady monthly economic growth of around 6 percent. Before the pandemic we were operating 115 weekly flights. In October, however, we expect to reach 86 flights every week and we hope these numbers continue to grow by November, when new airlines begin operating”.

Carlos Cruz Reyes, Director of the Aguascalientes Bus Station

“Although the occupation rate has been largely affected, we did not conduct mass job cuts. Instead, we looked for other ways to keep advancing. The sector has begun showing signs of recovery, with a monthly increase of between two and four percent”.

Cristina Ruíz Velasco Ramírez, Los Olivos restaurant

“I’m happy to be in Aguascalientes, I feel protected by the state government. It is different from other places where there aren’t as many events and the businesses are still closed. The sector has been taken into account and protocols were designed so that we can continue to operate.”

Fernando Topete Ceballos, breeder of fighting bulls

“Our ranch is operating at a thousand percent capacity. The business has grown and we are looking for a way to continue moving forward and continue producing through agriculture, as it is the necessary complement to economy.”

Solinda Aims to Become the First Aeronautical Industry Supplier in Aguascalientes

A lot has been said about the negative conditions suffered by world economies as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The year 2020 has been a watershed for companies, yet despite the complex economic moments they are going through, several business owners are hoping for a more prosperous future.

The renegotiation of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) has opened up new opportunities for local companies. This is the case of Solinda Tools, one of the firms that, with the help from the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC), has already started getting ready to become an aeronautical supplier.

From Aguascalientes to The World Solinda Tools is a company that produces high-quality metalworking tools and devices. Founded in 2012 as an alternative to meet industrial needs, Solinda is now positioned as one of the leaders in manufacturing of tools and automation devices developed with state-of-the-art technology. After eight years of steady, solid growth, Solinda decided to go all in on becoming a supplier to the aeronautical industry, a dream that is about to come true.

“It was my dream, but I did not know where to begin. Luckily, during an invitation to tender from the State Government, held at Museo Descubre, we saw a chance to make inroads into this industry with the support of the TechBA Program. Around 87 companies were assessed and only 15 (us included) were given the opportunity,” said Víctor González Cervantes, Director of Solinda.

The program included a series of training courses aimed at gaining deeper understanding of aeronautics and the business opportunities this sector offers. González Cervantes mentions that Solinda is about to begin a second phase in TechBA’s coaching and consulting program. He further said his company has already obtained the certifications and machinery to begin manufacturing tools for the aeronautical sector. “Collins Aerospace has asked us to manufacture airplane racks, checking fixtures, and gauges for them. Unfortunately, the pandemic postponed our every plan.

However, we are registered suppliers and we have everything we need to win new contracts. We are going to begin receiving more requests for quotations and my goal is to be working for two aerospace companies by 2021,” added González Cervantes.

“If everything goes as planned, we will become the first company from Aguascalientes to work for aeronautics”, concluded González Cervantes


IASA Metal, empresa dedicada a la fabricación de mecanizados, infraestructura y servicios de alta calidad, contamos con el respaldo de las mejores marcas para la realización de sus proyectos.

Conoce más sobre IASA Metal  

Entrevista con Catalina González 

Catalina González, cuenta con más de 10 años de experiencia como mentora en emprendimiento y desarrollo de nuevos negocios, orientada a propiciar vínculos y conectar oportunidades entre quien tiene un producto y el que lo necesita. 

What is coming for the relationship between the State of Aguascalientes and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Did we ever believe that such a prosperous and far away country, which opened its doors to international tourism just a year ago, would establish such a close bond with our State and in the midst of a pandemic?

Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-20 a la(s) 1

"If you can dream it, you can do it" once said a great man and created a great entertainment empire, starting by believing in it.

Well then, what began as a diplomatic relationship between the Republic of Mexico and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, established in September of 1952, has now culminated in the First Virtual Business Forum between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Aguascalientes.

And this was only the beginning. It may not be an empire yet, but it will definitely promote bilateral trade relations, boost imports and exports, and provide great opportunities to continue growing in terms of employment, technological innovation, security and the economy.

Taking into consideration the 17 bilateral cooperation agreements that Mexico has with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the great interest of the latter in expanding its economic and productive panorama beyond oil industry, we can affirm that this Virtual Business Forum has been just a little taste of what our state can offer to potential Saudi investors and vice versa.

Closely following the objectives that the nation of Saudi Arabia has for 2030, is how Aguascalientes State will position itself at the height of the saudis’ needs, with its experience as a provider of services and products for the Energy, Agroindustrial, Academic and Manufacturing sectors, to mention some. Hoping thus, not only that the relationship between States remains and strengthens, but that also, it grows.

The Bajío Regional Alliance as a decisive factor for Aguascalientes’ economy

The state of Aguascalientes, as if it were not enough by itself, is also part of the “Bajío” Regional Alliance, which is a regional integration for growth and Development, comprised by the five most competitive States in Mexico.

Ranked by “Doing Business Mexico 2016” these states occupy the following places:

#1 Aguascalientes

#6 Guanajuato
#8 San Luis Potosí
#9 Jalisco
#11 Querétaro

With a population of 22 million and a GDP of 190billion dollars, which accounts for 17% of México’s total GDP, this region is also the most prosperous for Foreign Direct Investment in the country.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-20 a la(s) 1

It is strategically located at the heart of Mexico, is part of the NASCO corridor and it is highly connected not only to the rest of the country by Highways 45 and 57 the main two roads of Mexico, but also to the rest of the world through 6 international airports.

It is strategically located at the heart of Mexico, is part of the NASCO corridor and it is highly connected not only to the rest of the country by Highways 45 and 57 the main two roads of Mexico, but also to the rest of the world through 6 international airports.

The result of all the above is reflected in the 91 billion dollars of FDI attracted by the region during the last 20 years, representing the 17% of the country’s total, as well as the 81,154 million dollars of total exports only from the Bajío Alliance region, which accounts for 21% of Mexico’s total.

Thanks to decisions like this, to belong to the most economically dynamic region of our country, you can be sure that our State shows pride as well as responsibility for its people and their future.